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Time and Place

There was no story written

the last couple of weeks. Of course not. I was travelling. It was a time and place journey.
Let’s start with time.
Well, really, I like the idea of God, creator and guard of everything. And I like to share with you how it could be, this time thing. Imagine God is playing with ease with a huge number of extremely small elementary particles at hand. Call them quarks or just energy. And God unite all these elementary particles, somehow, and then there are uncountable numbers of spheres, balls, globes, all kinds of round and different sizes. At some point the magic starts. All these spheres, balls, globes tumble, bustle, move around each other. And it looks like they have found their ways to do so always in the same manner. Let’s call it universe and God feels comfortable with it.
It’s sort of fun, really. Some spheres, balls, globes explode, implode, arise. When you look at them it’s just amazing.
This goes on for quite a while, we call it billions of years, well yes. Billions of years, or a few times 1 000 000 000 years or a few times 109 years. At some point a very new idea comes into life. One of all these spheres, balls, globes attracts God in a special way. It’s just – moderate temperature on the surface, hot enough inside to keep the surface going. All these tiny quarks and energy transform into more sophisticated materials. For once, there is water, clouds, amoebas, bacteria, viruses, DNA.
And then there are trees and flowers and animals and still water and fire and a lot of rumbling as an ongoing process. Some trees, flowers, animals survive, others not and there are a lot of changes and evolution going on on this globe.
While all this is going on a unique species come into being. Human beings, like you, you, you and me.
Now let’s watch what’s going on in place, what this unique species created in a very special area.
There is an archipelago north of Scotland, north of the Tartan belt, called Orkney. With amazing remains of thousands of years of civilization to explore. Orcadians have a saying that whenever you stick a spate in the ground you’ll probably unearth an archaeological site.
Chamber cairns as Midhowe Chambered Cairn on Rousay, or Tomb of The Eagles on South Ronaldsay, stone circles like Ring of Brodgar on Orkney Mainland and the Neolithic village Skara Brae, all artistically built of rock five thousand or 5000 years ago.
The villages Broch of Gurness and Midhowe Broch and many others were built two thousand five hundred or 2500 years later. 2500 years ago. Same material, different shapes.
Another two thousand five hundred or 2500 years later a different kind of building were put up. Bunker for different military purposes, built of concrete, in 20thcentury. Most recently these are abandoned as well.
Today we are happily exploring all these time and place things while we enjoy the yellow sun shining and the white and grey clouds travelling along the sky, and the green grass feeling soft underneath our feet. Being somehow aware of being 1029 = 100 Octillon or or even more parts of this amazing creation.

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