∑1-∞ (Schilder) = Das 300 Meter Schilder Chaos
Dezember 8, 2019
Time and Place
Dezember 8, 2019
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All in one

Welding is a fascinating technology.

You just need 2 pieces of metal and a lot of heat, extremely concentrated. What happens? The heat is the impulse for an uncountable quantity of molecules, atoms and what so ever to give up their connections to each other and reunite for something totally new and exciting. Well at least this is the idea of welding.
And there are side effects, as well.
Imagine there is an experienced welder. Happily married and proud father of a bunch of kids. And fond of being part of a company that creates and fabricates high tech monstrosities. And being aware of all the safety and security instructions you can think of.
That’s how he is cautiously doing his job on a sunny and dry day in Spring. Dealing with this uncountable quantity of molecules, atoms and what so ever. And just a very few of them, a tiny, tiny bit of metal drops to the ground. As hot as it can be. Drops to the ground on dry branches, heather and grass.
This tiny, tiny bit of metal, as hot as it can be, sets the dry branches, heather and grass on fire. In a split second of a moment. No chance for the hardworking welder to get control, to put out the blaze.
Tiny, tiny hot piece of metal keeps firefighters giving their best for hours, for days. Brings people together to support fire fighters the whole night and two days with food and beverages and their friendliness.
Tiny, tiny hot piece of metal teaches us how to make a community strong and stand together.
Thank you, tiny, tiny hot piece of metal for this unique lesson of life. Unwanted and everlasting.

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